Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Quantum 5.5" Pad - Orange Medium Cut


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Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Quantum 5.5" Pad - Orange Medium Cut

Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Quantum 5.5" Orange

ORANGE - Medium Cut

The Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Quantum 5.5" Yellow Pad is a medium cutting pad ideal for removing medium to heavy swirl marks, scratches, oxidation and much more. The Orange Hex-Logic Quantum pad is an excellent cutting pad being tough enough on swirls and scratches whilst not as aggressive as the Yellow pad on the paint.

About Hex-Logic Quantum Pads

Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Quantum Polishing Pads are designed to smoothly transfer power from the machine polisher to the paint whilst minimising heat and wear and tear. Quantum pads feature a precision cut race face to spread out the compression and reduce pad wear.

Quantum Pads feature improved manufacturing techniques, adhesives and materials to ensure the polishing pads last longer and provide better results job after job. Quantum Pads feature a port in the centre of the pad which reduces torque stress and channels heat away from the hottest part of the pad.

Quantum polishing Pads come in the full Hex-Logic color spectrum, so there’s a Quantum Pad for every compounding, polishing, and finishing job on any vehicle. Pick up the new Quantum Hex-Logic buffing and polishing pads for a polishing experience that changes everything.

Size: 5.5" (140mm)


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