Carbon Collective Oracle Inorganic Ceramic Coating

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Carbon Collective Oracle Inorganic Ceramic Coating

Carbon Collective Oracle is an advanced ceramic coating with ultra hydrophobic properties and unparalleled gloss enhancement. Oracle enhances the looks of the paint whether it's gloss, satin or matte and it can also be used on PPF, vinyl wrap, gel coat, carbon fibre, bare metal, aluminium, stainless steel, plastic and headlights!

Oracle allows you to spend more time driving your car and less time cleaning thanks to it's highly repellent properties. Oracle creates a self cleaning layer which takes longer to get dirty and is incredibly easy to clean.

  • Enhances, gloss, matte & satin finishes
  • Use on paint, PPF, vinyl wrap, plastics, metals and much more
  • Ultra hydrophobic
  • 3.5H Hardness
  • 2+ Years durability
  • Expect 3 years when paired with Carbon Collective Platinum Paint

Kit Contains: 30ml Oracle, 2x Microfibre Applicators

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