Carbon Collective Exfoli-Block 2.0

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Carbon Collective Exfoli-Block 2.0

Carbon Collective Exfoli-Block 2.0 is an interchangeable clay system that can be reused up to 50 times and comes with two grades of clay pads, medium and heavy.

The kit contains an ergonomic rubber grip and two interchangeable clay pads which attach to the grip via hook & loop. The two clay pads are of different grades being medium and heavy and feature an open-cell foam interface designed to hold wash solution to provide lubrication whilst claying.

This clay kit is designed to be used in a bucket of shampoo very similar to a wash mitt. Wash the car as usual and then wet the paint and proceed to use the Exfoli Block starting on the glass to break it in.

Using the Carbon Collective Exfoli-Block 2.0

  • The Exfoli-Block should only be used on clean, wet paint. Use a strong shampoo & water mix and submerge the exfoli-block in the bucket to absorb the solution.
  • Start with the glass to break the exfoli-block in, lightly gliding the block over the surface in straight, overlapping lines.
  • Return the block into the wash solution regularly to keep it lubricated and rinse the clayed surface down.
  • Once the clayed surface feels smooth, repeat the process around the whole vehicle.
  • After completion, rinse and dry the vehicle as normal.


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