Angelwax Desirable Wax

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Angelwax Desirable Wax

Angelwax Desirable Wax

Angelwax Desirable started life as a very small 20 pot production run. A beautifully crafted detailing wax designed to be a limited edition run which never materialised. Angelwax aren't the types to keep brilliant formulations to themselves and Desirable is no exception.

Desirable offers durability which exceeds 5 months and delivers exceptional levels of gloss and beading rarely found in a wax of this price point.

How to use Angelwax Desirable

Using a Foam Wax Applicator, apply Angelwax Desirable to a clean and prepared paint surface, one panel at a time. Leave for a couple of minutes and then buff residue with a clean microfibre towel.

Size: 30ml & 250ml

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