Alchemy Re-Fresh Odour Bomb


Fragrance: Bubblegum
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Alchemy Re-Fresh Odour Bomb

Alchemy Re-Fresh Odour Bombs are the perfect solution for removing odours and refreshing your vehicles interior. The odour bomb is designed to flood the interior of your car and air conditioning system combating odours by attacking bacteria, leaving your interior smelling clean and fresh.

How To Use The Alchemy Re-Fresh Odour Bomb

Start your engine, turn the blowers on cool, high-speed, in recirculation mode and enable the AC if applicable. Ensure all air vents are open and sit the can in a footwell ensuring the can is not directly aiming directly at the dashboard, seats, or any other sensitive areas. Fully depress the nozzle to lock it on, close the door and allow the odour bomb to fully empty.

Once empty, turn off the vehicle and shut the door. Do not occupy the vehicle during treatment. Wipe down any interior surfaces that may have any residue on with a clean microfibre towel.

Size: 150ml

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