Detailing is by no means an easy task, having the right accessory can really make the difference.


As mentioned in the Wheel & Tyre section, the Valet Pro and EZ Detail Brushes are superb for cleaning your wheels and other hard to reach areas like; Grills, Panel Gaps, Engines, Interiors, Badges, pretty much everywhere on a vehicle.

Bottles & Spray Heads

Bottles and Spray Heads are ideal for detailers. They can be used multiple times, are interchangeable, versatile, and can be easily transported. Many detailing products do not come in a spray bottle, so having a couple at home is ideal.

For Iron removal and Tar removal product we would suggest using the Chemical Resistant Spray Head. It is made of a more durable plastic and the seals inside are better suited to coping with these types of chemicals.

The Standard Spray Head is ideal for All Purpose Cleaners (APC’s) and Pre-Wash products, Detailing Sprays, Glass Cleaners, Tyre Dressings, pretty much all your detailing products that do not contain any harsh chemicals.

Both the Foaming Spray Head and the High Output Foaming Spray Head are excellent with Wheel Cleaners. The foaming effect gives additional strength to the wheel cleaner making it act very much like Snow Foam, lifting the dirt from the wheel.

(The 947ml Bottles are suitable for all types of products)


If you have ever machine polished a car then you’ll know of the importance of good quality tape. At Shop ‘n’ Shine we, in our eyes stock the best, 3M Professional Masking Tape. This tape will not leave any sticky residue behind, is very easy to manipulate, does not allow machine polishing pads to ‘grab’, and is also ideal for a number of other tasks.


There are two main types of applicators, Microfibre and Foam.

Microfibre Applicators are better suited to Polish, Sealants, and Waxes.

Foam Applicators can also apply Polishes, Sealants and Waxes but are also brilliant at applying Tyre Dressings, Leather Creams, Trim Dressings, pretty much any product you can think of.

Foam Applicator

We also stock other applicators; Valet Pro Wax Applicator, Valet Pro Polish Applicator.

Microfibre Towels

Microfibres are an important tool in your car cleaning kit, they are essential for the application and removal of various Detailing Products. At Shop ‘n’ Shine we sell a wide range of towels to suite every eventuality.

General Purpose microfibre towels can be used in pretty much every aspect of detailing, from removing polishes and waxes, quick detailing, interior dusting, everything really.

We also stock a more premium microfibre towel, the Super Plush Buffing Towel. This towel is designed to completely minimise the risk of marring/scratching your paint, it’s think pile glides over paintwork and is a joy to use.

Remember we have an entire section on the online shop dedicated to accessories, from all the items listed above to Buckets, Backing Plates, and much more!