Washing and Drying a car can be a very easy task if you use to correct products, the basics of which should include a Wash Mitt and a Drying Towel. Both of which and more can be found through the Washing & Drying section of the online shop.

Recommendation – Washing

Using a Wash Mitt is a relatively easy undertaking. By following our Safe Washing Guide you will minimise the chance of marring or scratching the paint.

Wash Mitt’s come in all the shapes, sizes and colours you can think of. Generally a good quality Mitt should have a deep pile, be very soft to the touch and have no hard fibres or edges.

At Shop ‘n’ Shine we sell many different Wash Mitts, each has its own advantages over the other. Natural Sheepskin wash mitts tend to be thicker and softer than Microfibre Mitts but do not last as long.

Recommendation – Drying

Drying your car can be very easy or a nightmare depending on what product you use. It is essential to use a drying towel and not a water blade when drying your vehicle, this is to minimise the chance of causing swirl marks and scratches.

Drying towels come in various thicknesses and sizes. Generally you need a towel with is large enough to soak up all the water on a car and one that has a deep pile to minimise damage to the paint. More info can be found here Safe Washing Guide.

Our own Drying Towel offers all the benefits listed above at a very competitive price.