Clean glass really finishes off a car, certainly from the driver and passenger’s point of view as there is nothing more irritating than a dirty windscreen.

We stock a variety of Glass Cleaners to clean your glass with ease and Glass Sealants to protect and repel water.

Recommendation – Glass Cleaner

Autoglym Fast Glass is a superb glass cleaner. Fast Glass has been a staple of many detailers’ kit bags for years; it’s a product that simply works.

If you prefer something a little bit more upmarket then you might be interested in Stoner Invisible Glass with Rain Repellent, it is one of the more expensive glass cleaners on the market but with the rain repellent additives it keeps your glass cleaner for much longer.

However if bulk buying is your thing then you simply cannot ignore Valet Pro’s Glass Cleaner, it offers excellent value for money (also available in 1L size).

Recommendation – Glass Sealant

Glass Sealants enhance the glasses ability to repel water.

Angelwax H2GO is a specially developed glass sealant that not only repels rain water but it can also help to minimise the buildup of frost and ice which makes the morning commute a little less tedious during the winter months.