The Incredibrush Flat is a well designed, high quality wheel cleaning brush. Read More
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Microfiber Madness Incredibrush Flat

The Microfiber Madness Incredibrush Flat is a wheel brush which is the same as the original Incredibrush but for tighter areas. It features a built in foam core for additional water absorption. The cleaning cover is made of the same material as the Incredimitt and can be removed for better cleaning or replacement when worn. The covered twisted core is made of stainless steel to prevent rusting and the plastic handle features knuckle protection.

  • Super soft material
  • Foam core for hight levels of water absorption
  • Cover can be removed for cleaning or replacement when worn

Size: 17" / 44cm

This is the Incredibrush Flat designed for tighter areas, if you require the full size one please look at the Incredibrush.