Introducing the Microfiber Madness Delimitt

Microfiber Madness are well known for their high quality microfibre products and probably their best known product is the Incredimitt. In our opinion, the Incredimitt was one of the first microfibre wash mitts to really give wool mitts a run for their money.

Unless you spent mega money on wool mitts, they often started falling apart fairly quickly and a lot of people wanted an alternative. Wool mitts are super soft, with long fibres which are able to lift dirt safely from almost any surface on a vehicle with ease. Microfibre mitts of the time were very short piles, only ideal for flat, even surfaces and didn't have much of a buffer for the dirt to be collected, making the risk of inflicting swirl marks much higher.

Microfiber Madness Incredimitt

The Incredimitt reimagined microfibre, offering a blend of long fibres and short fibres, making the mitt have the same safe properties of a wool mitt and much better cleaning abilities, with the added bonus of it being a durable, synthetic material, meaning it will not fall apart on you.

The design of the Incredimitt was so popular it made it's way on to many of their other products, such as their Incredisponge, Incredimitt, Incredimitt XL, Incrediflair, Incredibrush and Incredipole, Wow that was a long list!

Microfiber Madness Delimitt

Microfiber Madness wanted to create the ultimate wash mitt, something to be the softest mitt out there, building on their strong foundation of the Incredimitt. Introducing the Delimitt, the DELIcate MITT featuring an even softer finish, perfect for delicate surfaces and a 100% polyester construction. On top of this it has all the same features of the Incredimitt such as the comfortable, elasticated cuff and the handle inside for extra stability. If you are looking for the ultimate microfibre wash mitt, look no further than the Microfiber Madness Delimitt.