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Dakota Odor Bomb Vanilla Fragrance

The Odor Bomb is a brilliant way of eradicating lingering smells from within your car for example smoke, mildew and urine. Each can is capable of treating 6000 cubic feet of space and after allowing the treated space to air you will be left with a pleasant vanilla aroma.

Features of Dakota Odor Bomb Vanilla Fragrance

  • Easy to use
  • Odor destroying formula
  • Pleasant Vanilla aroma

How to use Dakota Odor Bomb Vanilla Fragrance

After cleaning the designated area thoroughly by hoover etc ensure all heating and air conditioning devices are switched off and windows are fully closed. Then place a microfiber cloth underneath where the can will be situated before starting the process. Remove lid and press the valve all the way down until it locks in place and put the can in the center of area to be treated then vacate the area. Leave for roughly 2 hours then ventilate.

Size: 142g