Chemical Guys 5050 was designed for perfectionists searching for the deepest wet look shine on any colour paintwork. Read More
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Chemical Guys 5050 Connoisseur Paste Wax LTD Edition Version 2

Chemical Guys 5050 Connoisseur Wax was originally created in limited numbers for special Chemical Guys clients, friends and professionals however they liked it so much Chemical Guys put it into production.

Chemical Guys 5050 Limited Series Concours Paste Wax was created in limited numbers for special CG clients, friends, professionals, and car crazy enthusiasts seeking a wax of the highest quality. Our clients around the world demand a paste wax that truly makes any color paintwork shine in the sun like no other. Enthusiasts asked us for a high quality show-stopping paste wax that would win the eyes of the judges and spectators at any car show. The custom 5050 concours formula was designed for perfectionists searching for the deepest shine with unmatched brilliance. We believe designing a custom wax is truly a work of art. The secret Chemical Guys Paste Wax mixture and emulsification process requires a full 18 hours of blending at the precise temperature to ensure a wax that produces the signature glow that magazines, detailers, and enthusiasts around the world are all talking about.

  • Wet, deep shine on any paint color
  • Pure Brazilian Carnauba paste wax provides outstanding durability and a warm glow

How to use 5050 Connoisseur Wax

Apply a thin even coat of 5050 using a foam applicator to your pride and joy. Then allow around 20 minutes for the  5050 wax to cure so work accordingly, then buff off using a premium microfibre cloth to leave a brilliant deep gloss.

Size: 8oz