Auto Finesse ObliTARate is a solvent based-based Tar & Glue Remover that quickly dissolves contamination on contact. Read More
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Auto Finesse ObliTARate Tar & Glue Remover

Watch tar and glue residues get ObliTARated, Auto Finesse style! Auto Finesse ObliTARate’s strong, solvent-based formula quickly dissolves contamination on contact, removing even the most stubborn tar and glue residues without damaging the underlying finish. Long dissatisfied with the performance of most dedicated tar and adhesive removers, we at Auto Finesse decided to create the perfect chemical cocktail to easily strip adhesives and road-tar fallout. After months of development we finally came up with the perfect formula, and Auto Finesse ObliTARate was born…

Like all Auto Finesse car care products, ObliTARate is formulated to suit the needs of professional detailers, but can be used with great success by detailing enthusiasts and first time detailers with ease. ObliTARate is perfect for removing bitumen tar, rubber residues, glue, and adhesive from decals, vehicle wraps, paint protection films, and wheel weights. Its strong solvent-based formula starts to dissolve contamination on contact, virtually eliminating the need for multiple applications, or damage from harsh ‘tar sponges’ and scrubbing pads.

Dedicated fallout removal products like ObliTARate help to dissolve and remove contamination before you even touch your car. This minimises the possibility of marring, extends the life of your detailing clay bar, and helps to remove contamination that even claying cannot touch. Auto Finesse ObliTARate can dissolve even the most extreme contaminates, like traffic cone rash from auto-crossing, gaffer or duct tape from temporary camera mountings, undercoating overspray, and residues from factory protective wax coatings.

Despite its strong solvent formulation, Auto Finesse ObliTARate is safe to use on all modern painted and powdercoated surfaces, as well as glass, solvent-resistant hard plastics, bare metal, and bright work trim. If you have stubborn tar and glue residues, don’t just remove them, ObliTARate them!

How to use Auto Finesse ObliTARate

Auto Finesse ObliTARate is safe to use on all modern painted and powder coated surface, as well as glass, solvent-resistant hard plastics, bare metal, and bright work trim. However, ObliTARate is a very strong solvent product, and may cause damage to fresh paint, SMART repairs, un-catalysed lacquers, and some delicate vintage finishes. If using the product on these surfaces, proceed with caution, and test ObliTARate on an inconspicuous area to check for a reaction. If no hazing or swelling of the finish is present, and no paint gets transferred to your applicator or microfiber towel, you can use ObliTARate with confidence.

Size: 500ml

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