Gtechniq EXOv3 is a durable paint coating which offers high gloss, slickness and impressive hydrophobic levels.  Read More
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Gtechniq EXO v3

Ultra Durable, High Gloss Hydrophobic Paintwork Coating

This product how now been replaced by Gtechniq EXO v4

EXOv3 is Gtechniq's latest coating, offering high gloss, slickness and hydrophobic levels. EXOv3 is a non-hybrid organic coating compared to EXOv2 which was a hybrid inorganic and organic coating. Being a non hybrid organic coating means it is much harder and resilient than the old V2 EXO.

EXO v3 is easier to apply and offers more durability that EXO v2. v3 delivers the same gloss levels and slickness as v2

Features of Gtechniq EXO v3

  • Easy to apply
  • High gloss levels and slickness
  • Superb hydrophobic properties
  • High durability with up to 24 months of protection

Improvements with EXO v3 over v2

AttributeEXO v2EXO v3
Thickness (microns) 0.5 0.5
Pencil Hardness 2h 7h
Contact Angle 115-125 110-120
Temperature Resistance 150c 300c +
Chemical Resistance (pH) 4-10 3-13
Typical Durability 18 Months 24 Months

Whats Included with EXO v3

  • Bottle of EXOv3 (either 30ml or 50ml)
  • Gloves
  • Microfibre Applicator
  • Instructions

We strongly recommend purchasing a few extra Gtechniq Microfibre Applicators to have some spare during application.

Sizing Information

Sizes available: 30ml & 50ml

30ml is usually adequate for most hatchback sized cars (VW Golf, Ford Focus etc). 50ml is suitable for larger vehicles like estates, 4x4's and smaller commercial vehicles like vans.