Chemical Guys Wonder Wash is a revolutionary pH neutral shampoo with technology to lift and capture dirt allowing it to be safely rinsed away. This is just an overview of Chemical Guys Wonder Wash. For a detailed description and usage instructions click Read More
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Chemical Guys Wonder Wash

Previously called Chemical Guys Vintage Wonder Wash

Chemical Guys Wonder Wash is premium, pH neutral car shampoo designed to work wonders on your paintwork. Wonder Wash lifts, breaks down and releases dirt particles from the vehicles paint surface with it's concentrated suspension technology and oxygen enriched bubbles trap the dirt particles allowing for easy removal, resulting in a clean, slick surface.

The pH Neutral formula of Wonder Wash makes it safe to use on any surface and will not harm any wax or sealant layers. This unique formula is extra slick and perfect for gently removing dirt and grime.

The concentrated shampoo has a pleasent coconut fragrance and leaves your vehicles paintwork clean and glossy.

  • Concentrated suspension technology
  • Maximum Suds
  • pH Neutral - Safe on waxes and sealant layers
  • Concentrated Forumula
  • 100% Biodegradable

Size: 473ml (16oz)