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Rupes BigFoot LK900E Mille

Forced Rotation Machine Polisher

The Rupes BigFoot LK900E 'Mille' is a powerful force drive machine polisher which offers both the cutting ability of a rotary polisher whilst having the safety of a Dual Action Polisher. The gear driven action forces the rotation and the orbit in a more consistent pattern than that of a traditional Dual Action Polisher, regardless of the angle of the panel or pressure applied. The result is powerful cutting power and low heat build up. 

The LK900E Mille comes in two kits, the STN and the DLX. Both contents of the kits are outlined below. The DLX kit contains so much stuff we couldn't fit it all in the picture!

Technical specifications of the LK900E Mille

  • Orbit: 5mm
  • Weight: 2.8kg
  • Power: 900w
  • Cable: 9m (with 3 pin UK plug)
  • OPM: 265 - 535 - 1700

Key features of the Mille

  • Forced rotation provides powerful cutting action yet remains safe to use due to low heat build up
  • Rubber supports keep the machine steady when placed down
  • Clockwise rotation reduces lateral movement
  • Variable speed wheel with click sensation & progressive trigger for additional control
  • Long 9m power cable

Kit Contents

As mentioned above, the Rupes BigFoot LK900E Mille comes in two kits. The first is the STN (Standard) Kit and the second is the DLX (Deluxe) Kit. Listed below is what is contained in each kit. To purchase simply scroll back up and add the selected kit to your basket.

Rupes BigFoot LK900E Mille STN (Standard) Kit

  • 1x Rupes BigFoot LK900E Polisher
  • 1x 125mm Backing Plate
  • 1x 150mm Backing Plate
  • 1x Rupes Mille Corase Compound 250ml
  • 1x Rupes Mille Fine Compound 250ml
  • 1x Rupes 150mm Blue Foam Cutting Pad
  • 1x Rupes 150mm Yellow Foam Finishing Pad

Rupes BigFoot LK900E Mille DLX (Deluxe) Kit