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Zaino Z-18 Clay Bar

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Zaino Z18 Clay Bar

The Zaino Clay Bar removes contamination quickly and safely, leaving your paintwork silky smooth and ready for polishing and protecting. The Z18 Clay Bar is a pliable, synthetic bar which quickly and safely removes contamination from vehicles paintwork that can not be removed using conventional cleaning methods.

The Zaino Clay Bar will remove industrial fallout, over spray, tar spots, tree sap, bug residue and much more, leaving a smooth, decontaminated surface ready for polishing and sealing.

Claying is an essential step in the detailing process. By using a clay bar ensures the surface is free of contamination ready for polishing. A clayed surface will also ensure the best possible bond for a sealant or wax to the paintwork, increasing it's durability.

  • Quickly and safely decontaminate paintwork
  • Removes fallout, tree sap, overspray and much more
  • Leaves a silky smooth finish
  • Essential part of the detailing process

How to use

Ensure vehicle is washed before claying. Prepare the clay by cutting or tearing a small piece so it fits your hand nicely. Don't be tempted to use the whole bar as if you drop it on the floor you can't use it again.

Use a lubricant and liberally spray the area to be clayed and the clay bar itself and gently with no pressure rub the clay across the paintwork, regularly spraying more lubricant to the surface.

Check the surface of the clay to make sure it's clean. When it becomes full of contamination re-fold it to ensure a clean side is in contact with the paintwork.

The paintwork should start to feel much smoother. When complete either wipe the area down or rinse the lubricant away and dry off ready for polishing.

Size: 2x 2oz Clay Bars

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