Nitrile Ninja - Master Pro Detailing Gloves

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Nitrile Ninja - Master Pro Detailing Gloves

The Nitrile Master Stealth are professional-grade nitrile gloves with excellent chemical resistance and durable construction. These gloves have a thickness of 4.5G making them very tough.

The Nitrile Ninja Master is finished in orange,  with a smooth finish and a beaded cuff to help prevent tears when applying and removing.

Nitrile gloves are used all around the world for many different tasks. They are popular because they provide hard-wearing protection for your hands when using chemicals, but remain flexible enough to carry out intricate tasks.

Nitrile Ninja Sizing

Nitrile Ninja gloves come in three sizes, medium, large, and extra large. To ensure a good fit a quick measurement of your hand is required. Measure from knuckle to knuckle on your four fingers. The sizes are as follows:

Medium: 9cm
Large: 10cm
Extra Large: 11cm

Qty: 100 Gloves

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