Gyeon Q2 Matte

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Gyeon Q2 Matte

Gyeon Q2 Matte is a specialist coating for matte and satin finishes, enhancing the colour and protecting whilst not changing the appearance. Q2 Matte only requires one layer and provides an extremely hydrophobic layer which repels dirt and grime and prevents discolouration and oxidation.

Q2 Matte also helps to protect against harsh chemicals, capable of resisting pH 2 up to pH 11. Expect durable protection for 18 months+

Gyeon Q2 Matte Comes Complete With

Contact Angle: >100'
PH Tolerance: pH 2-11
Thickness: 0,2 - 0,5qm
Durability: >18 Months / 30,000 km

If you require the coating only, consider looking at Gyeon Q2 Matte Light.

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