Britemax Easy Cut Metal Cleaner & Polish

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Britemax Easy Cut Metal Cleaner & Polish

Britemax Easy Cut

Metal Cleaner & Polish

Britemax Easy Cut cleans light to heavy oxidation easily from bare metals such as aluminum, brass copper, magnesium, gold, silver and blended metals. It quickly removes surface rust from chrome.

Easy Cut contains a combination of solvents & chemicals that react to break down oxidation slip components and extremely fine abrasives. Together these components work to quickly remove most surface problems from the metals previously mentioned. What used to take hours to clean with most currently available metal cleaners can be done in minutes with relative ease and amazing results.

A great attribute of this product is that it is designed to dry completely before wiping off the polishing residue and it can be used on warm to medium hot surfaces.

For very badly oxidized surfaces it is recommended that the Easy Cut process is repeated a second time because most of the material that gets removed in the first application contaminates the product. This second application in this instance makes a dramatic difference in the appearance of the surface. Easy Cut should be followed up with Final Shine metal polish when cleaning polished aluminium for an almost chrome like finish.

Not for use on plated or anodized metals. For an easier, more intensive polish you can combine this polish with a polishing ball for your drill, which can be found here: ShineMate Polishing Balls.

Size: 118ml

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