Britemax Black Max & Vantage


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Britemax Black Max & Vantage

Britemax Black Max & Vantage Kit

This Britemax kit contains Black Max to polish, cleanse and add restore gloss to the paintwork whilst preparing it for the application of the Vantage wax. The Britemax Vantage Wax is extremely easy to use and delivers not only a deep wet look gloss and excellent beading, but also a durable layer of protection that can last up to 4 months.

Britemax Black Max

Britemax Black Max is a polymer-based ultra fine polishing glaze, suitable for ALL colours. Formulated to easily remove buffer trails and light swirls left behind by aggressive compounds. Black Max works like a pre-wax cleaner removing micro surface imperfections and oxidation, leaving behind a deep, glossy surface ready to be sealed. Contains no silicones or waxes and is completely dust free.

Size: 473ml

Britemax Vantage Wax

Britemax Vantage is a premium carnauba wax suitable for all paint types and colours. Vantage combines a high content of #1 grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax and Polymers, engineered to deliver incredible wetness and depth of shine with superb durability and protection.

Size: 236ml

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