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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £50*

Auto Finesse Spritz Interior Quick Detailer


Auto Finesse Spritz Interior Quick Detailer

Spritz from Auto Finesse is an interior quick detailer designed to lightly clean and freshen up interior plastics and vinyl leaving behind a natural look.

Spritz offers an anti static coating helping to prevent dust build up, UV Inhibitors to protect against UV rays preventing fading and cracking, light cleaning agents to remove films of dirt and matte finish polymers to leave a fresh original finish.

Features of Auto Finesse Spritz

  • Clean, Protect and Dress in one go
  • Anti Static
  • UV Protection
  • Natural non greasy finish

How to use Auto Finesse Spritz

Shake well before use and simply apply a fine mist of Auto Finesse Spritz one section at a time.

Using a clean microfibre towel spread product evenly over the area, then flip the towel to a dry size to buff until clear.

Alternatively you can use an interior mitt like the Microfiber Madness Dusting Diamond to quickly wipe down the dashboard and then apply the dressing.

Size: 500ml

Video of Auto Finesse Spritz

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