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Auto Finesse Satin Tyre Creme Dressing


Auto Finesse Satin Tyre Creme Dressing

Satin Tyre Creme from Auto Finesse is their new, revised water based tyre dressing capable of creating your desired finish. From a clean, natural-look satin all the way to a wet look, high gloss shine simply by layering the product.

Satin is a water based-dressing with a gel like consistency making it easy to apply and features a non-sling formula ensuring the dressing stays on the tyres and not up your paintwork.

  • Water Based Formula
  • Non Sling
  • Satin through to High Gloss finish

How to use Auto Finesse Satin

Before dressing tyres clean with a degreaser for best results.

Simply apply Satin to a Handi Puck & Tyre Spot Pad set up or your favourite applicator and work into the tyres sidewall. Simply build up the layers to achieve the gloss level your require.

What We Think

Satin from Auto Finesse is a fantastic tyre dressing that can offer various finishes simply by layering the product. Providing the tyres are clean, which we always recommend, one coat will deliver a fresh, satin finish. If you want more gloss, layer it up with another coat for that showroom gloss.

The beauty with Satin is it's water based formula, enabling it to soak into the sidewalls of the tyre and deliver a nice even finish and also not suffer from sling. Auto Finesse Satin is certainly a winner in our eyes.

Size: 500ml


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