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Poorboys Clay Lube

Poorboys Clay Lube was designed to make claying your car easy, safe and quick!

The Poorboys Clay Lube formular offers excellent lubricity for your clay bar or clay towel which will significantly reduce the risk of marring your paintwork. This clay bar lubricant is also designed to be simply wiped away when you have finished claying an area, very similar to a quick detailer.

Features of Poorboys Clay Lube

  • Can be used in the sun or shade
  • Easy to use and excellent lubricity
  • Can be used with clay bars or clay towels
  • Simply wipe down when finished

How to use Poorboys Clay Lube

Before claying a vehicle ensure it is washed first.

Spray a liberal amount of Poorboys Clay Lube to the surface you are claying and simply slide the clay bar or towel over that area in a back and forth motion. Periodically apply more clay lubricant to prevent the bar or towel dragging or sticking.

You should feel and hear a difference as you clay the vehicle, it will go from being resistant to very slick.

When each area is completed, wipe down excess clay lube with a clean microfibre towel and continue to work around the car.

Size: 473ml (16oz)