The Rupes Bigfoot Nano iBrid is a versatile bit of detailing equipment which will allow you to polish, sand and clean small and hard to reach areas with ease. Read More
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Rupes Bigfoot Nano Ibrid HR81ML Long Neck BLX Kit

The Rupes Bigfoot Nano iBid is a revolutionary multi action tool which can be used for polishing, sanding and cleaning all in one easy to use, compact system.

The Nano iBrid is a versatile piece of detailing equipment, it can be powered from it’s battery or direct from the mains allowing you to reach difficult areas and work for longer. When polishing it can be switched from a compact rotary polisher to a 3mm or 12mm dual action which the simple exchange of a backing plate. The Nano iBrid can also be used as a motorised detailing brush or even a compact sander.

The Rupes Bigfoot Nano iBrid is well built and feels comfortable in the hand. It comes as a comprehensive package of which the contents are listed below, allowing you to get started with the Nano iBrid system immediately.

Features of Rupes Bigfoot Nano Ibrid

  • Voltage: 12v Battery / Cable: 220-250v
  • Power: 60w
  • Weight: 600g
  • Cable: 3.9m
  • Speed: 2000 - 5000 RPM

Whats Included with the Rupes Bigfoot Nano iBrid

  • 1x Rupes Bigfoot Nano iBrid Long Neck Polisher HR81ML
  • 1x Bigfoot Premium Tool Case
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x AC-DC Power Adapter
  • 2x Batterys
  • 1x Rotary Functional Unit
  • 1x 3mm Orbit Functional Unit
  • 1x 12mm Orbit Functional Unit
  • 1x Nylon Hard Cup Brush
  • 1x Horsehair Medium Cup Brush
  • 1x 50mm Buffing Back Up Pad
  • 1x 30mm Buffing Back Up Pad
  • 1x 30mm Sanding Back Up Pad
  • 6x Coarse 30/40mm Polishing Pad
  • 4x Coarse 50/70mm Polishing Pad
  • 6x Fine 30/40mm Polishing Pad
  • 4x Fine 50/70mm Polishing Pad
  • 1x Zephir Coarse Polishing Compound 150ml
  • 1x Keramik Fine Polishing Compound 150ml
  • 4x 40x40cm Microfibre Polishing Cloths
  • 10x 35mm Adhesive Disks for Denibbing P2000
  • 10x 35mm Adhesive Disks for Denibbing P3000

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