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Gtechniq W2 Universal Cleaner Concentrate

Gtechniq W2 is non acidic environmentally friendly cleaner. Can be used to clean fabric, engine bays, carpets, alloy wheels, grp, walls, leather etc. Dilute between 20:1 and 2:1 depending on application

W2 follows our philosophy of only producing a product that we are certain offers something unique to the market to the letter. The stains W2 can remove from fabric, walls, leather upholstery to name a few is astonishing. Once tried we guarantee you will have a lot more space in your garage and under your sink as you replace several products with W2!

Dilution recommendations
Fiberglass                 10:1
Air conditioners        10:1
Driveways                  10:1
Paint oxidation            5:1
Window cleaner     120:1
Carpet                          7:1
Grease                         2:1
Heelmarks                  5:1
Grills                            5:1
Walls                         20:1
Counters                  10:1
Stainless steel        20:1
Outdoor furniture     20:1
Vinyl                           10:1
Hoods                         5:1
Chrome                    20:1
Tools                         10:1
Smoke films            10:1
Alloy wheels            10:1
Cloth furniture         10:1
Wax stripping            5:1
Steam cleaning      50:1
Engine bays              1:1

Size: 500ml