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Dodo Juice Apple iFoam Snow Foam 5L

Dodo Juice Apple iFoam covers your vehicle in a thick blanket of pH neutral snow foam to loosen or even remove mild contamination. Apple iFoam has a long dwell time which allows it to cling to the paintwork for longer, this improves the cleaning ability of the snow foam.

Snow Foam's like Apple iFoam allow dirt and grime to be softened or even removed safely before even making contact with the vehicles paintwork with a wash mitt. This lowers the risk of inflicting swirl marks or scratches on your paintwork.

  • PH neutral
  • Thick clinging foam
  • Wax safe

How to use Dodo Juice Apple iFoam

Using a Snow Foam Lance dilute the Dodo Juice Snow Foam accordingly (1:10 with water for a thicker foam and heavier soiling up to 1:20 for lighter soiling). Adjust your air mixture valve for the desired level of foam and proceed to cover the car.

Allow to dwell for 5-15 minutes, this lets the foam clean the surface as much as it can. Then proceed to rinse off.

If you would like to learn more about the snow foam process please view our guide which can be found here: Snow Foam Guide

Size: 5L

This is the larger size of Dodo Juice Apple iFoam, should you want the smaller 500ml size, it can be found here: Dodo Juice Apple iFoam Snow Foam 500ml