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Koch Chemie Cabriodach-Versiegelung

Convertible Roof Sealant

Koch Chemie Cabriodach-Versiegelung is a convertible roof sealant with impressive hydrophobic properties.

Cabriodach-Versiegelung Convertible Roof Sealant is ideal also for tents, outdoor textiles and much more helping to protect against the wet and dirt.

  • Impressive hydrophobic properties
  • Protects fabrics against dirt and the wet

How to use Cabriodach-Versiegelung

Ensure fabrics are clean and dry before use. Shake before use and spray horizontally and then vertically from a distance of approx. 30cm.

After 10 minutes the sealant will be dry. After use turn the can upside down and spray the nozzle empty.

Size: 400ml