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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £50*

Gyeon Q2M Bug & Grime 400ml

by Gyeon
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Gyeon Q2M Bug & Grime is a powerful and efficient pre-wash developed, as suggested by the name, specifically for the removal of bugs and grime.

Q2M Bug & Grime aids in removing bugs and grime from the vehicles surface prior to washing, making the wash process safer and minimises the risk of inflicting swirl marks.

Q2M Bug and Grime is very powerful however perfectly safe for use on coatings.

Using Gyeon Q2M Bug & Grime

Ensure vehicle is cool and out of direct sunlight. Spray Q2M Bug & Grime on heavily contaminated areas and allow to dwell for a short period of time. Ensure the product does not dry on the surface. Then rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer.

Size: 400ml
pH Level: 9
Coating Safe: Yes