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Auto Finesse Glide Clay Lube

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Auto Finesse Glide Clay Lube

Auto Finesse Glide Clay Lube features a special blend of slip agents which help to encapsulate debris released during the claying process whilst also allowing the clay bar to slide across the paintwork with ease.

Using Glide Clay Lube whilst claying greatly reduces the risk of inflicting marring to the paintwork. And when you have finished simply buff the area with a clean microfibre towel to reveal a contaminate free surface making rinsing afterwards and unnecessary step.

  • Provides excellent lubrication whilst claying
  • Wipes clean with a microfibre
  • Reduces the risk of marring paintwork

How to use Auto Finesse Glide Clay Lube 

Simply spray Glide on to the area to be clayed liberally and the clay bar itself, whilst rubbing the clay bar across the area regularly give a mist or two of Glide to keep the lubrication topped up.

When finished check area for any loose debris and then simply wipe clean with a clean microfibre.

Size: 500ml


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