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Chemical Guys Decon Pro Iron Fallout Remover

Chemical Guys Decon Pro is a pH neutral iron fallout remover for your wheels and paintwork.

Decon Pro will help you remover iron deposits from brake dust, industrial pollution or rail dust from any surface of your car. Decon Pro works especially well on wheels to remove that stubborn, baked on brake dust which can lead to corrosion.

If Fallout is not removed from the surface it can lead to corrosion and paint failure. Fallout removers like Decon Pro feature a colour changing formula that once contact has been made with iron deposits it runs pink and turns the deposits into a water soluble state allowing them to be safely rinsed away freeing your wheels or paintwork of the harmful contamination.

Use Chemical Guys Decon Pro Fallout Remover in your decontamination process to ensure your wheels and paintwork are free of this harmful contamination.

  • Remove harmful iron contamination from wheels and paintwork
  • Colour changing, bleeding formula
  • PH neutral

Size: 473ml (16oz)

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