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R32 Service Time

R32 Service Time
So the R32 has made it home and we want the engine serviced. So like I mentioned in the previous blog post, the cars recent service history was not up to my standard. The car felt a little sloppy and felt like it had a slight misfire. A trip to our local VW Parts shop resulted in us buying plugs, oil, oil filter, pollen filter as well as a K&N panel filter. Adam, AKA Paddy, our mad mechanic got to work servicing the car. I opted for the easy job of fitting the K&N Air Filter. We quickly realised that this service was overdue. The plugs had seen better days and the oil was filthy. The car felt so much... Read more

2004 VW Golf R32 Project

2004 VW Golf R32 Project
On the 8th August 2017 we took a trip down to London to view a 2004 VW Golf R32. I had my eyes on this car for a few weeks and it really spoke to me, I think partly because my first car was a 1998 MK4 Golf 1.6 and my second car a 2002 MK4 Golf 1.9 GT TDI. The other reason this car stood out was because of the colour. It is Moonlight Blue Pearl and one of only 57 in the UK making it quite special. The car was in good condition. It had a few dents, scratches and patches of rust, however we expected it for it's age. Lots of service history, a little long since... Read more

Gtechniq EXO v3 Now In stock

Gtechniq EXO v3 Now In stock
New in stock is Gtechniq EXO v3 featuring the same slickness and gloss we all loved with V2 but with many improvments including: Increased hardness increased durability increased chemical resistance Easier to apply For more information or to purchase the new EXO v3 please see the produce page which can be found here: Gtechniq EXOv3 Read more

Koch Chemie Green Star Now Available in 1L and Bulk 11kg size

We now stock the popular Koch Chemie Green Star in both 1L and the bulk size of 11kg. This powerful all purpose cleaner is capable of many detailing tasks including using as a pre-wash, degreaser, interior cleaner and much more! Video of Green Star in action as a pre-wash Read more

Now Delivering to 25+ Countries

Shop 'n' Shine now offer fast and competitive postage options to over 25 counrites in Europe. We can now post your favourite detailing products to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Rebuplic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.For more information on times and cost please visit the Delivery Information page.   Read more

NEW: Meguiars

NEW: Meguiars
Introducing Meguiars Detailing Products to Shop 'n' Shine. After many years we have decided to add Meguiars to our offering, it just didn't feel complete without them on board! We've took on a comprehensive range of their products including the popular ones like Gold Class Shampoo, NXT Generation Shampoo, 105 and 205 compounds, Microfibre Cutting Pads, Microfibre Finishing Pads, Endurance Tyre Gel, Ultimate Quik Detailer and much more! You can view their range of products on our store by visiting the link below: Meguiars Detailing Products Read more

NEW: Britemax ClayMax Clay Bar

We managed to get our hands on the Britemax ClayMax Chemical Resistant Clay Bar a few weeks ago, just before it's release. We put together a mini review of the product to let you know what we really though of it. The Britemax ClayMax Clay Bar is presented well in a smart, professional looking tin. This certainly gave us good first impressions on the product, showing that the manufacturer cared about the presentation, lets hope that quality also reflects in the clay bar itself. We cut the clay bar with a pair of scissors to get a nice clean edge and procceded to kneed the clay bar into a large coin sized piece. As this clay bar is Chemical Resistant it... Read more

NEW: Chemical Guys Products

Introducing 4 new Chemical Guys Detailing Products to our already large offering of Chemical Guys Detailing Products featured on our online store. Chemical Guys Decon Pro Iron Remover As the name suggests Chemical Guys Decon Pro is an Iron Fallout Remover designed for wheels and paintwork. The pH neutral formula safely draws harmful iron contamination away from the paintwork turning it water soluable, allowing it to be rinsed away.Buy it here: Chemical Guys Decon Pro Iron Fallout Remover Chemical Guys Clean Slate Shampoo Chemical Guys Clean Slate is a powerful cleansing car shampoo designed to strip waxes, sealants and glazes making it perfect for preparing for a full detail or fresh layer of wax or sealant. Also Clean Slate is... Read more

NEW: Mesto Pump Sprayers Now Available

Introducing the high quality range of Mesto Pump Sprayers to Shop 'n' Shine.  Mesto pump sprayers have been with Shop 'n' Shine for a long time now but we wanted to ensure they were up to the job, as we have previously been stung with poor quality pump sprayers in the past.As you have probably realised we have been completely satisfied with the quality of these sprayers and we have decided to launch them to our webstore. Infact we are more than satisfied with the Mesto range. The build quality is fantastic, the bottles are robust and hold the perfect amount of product to ensure you can get the job done without carrying a heavy container around. However what we like... Read more

Koch Chemie Lower Prices

Koch Chemie is still relatively new to the UK market and we have been blown away by the quality of their products. We have genuinely never been let down by any of their products that we have used so far. However in an effort to make the deal sweeter Koch Chemie realised a new 2016 price list based on feedback from their customers and we're happy to announce it's not an increase it's a decrease! The detailing market is a saturated place now with so many products to choose from it can be hard to make an impact, no matter how good the product is. People shop on value amongst many other things now.  We actually found many Koch Chemie... Read more

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