Liquid wax which delivers that signature carnauba wet look gloss. Read More
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Chemical Guys Cherry Wet Wax

Chemical Guys Cherry Wet Wax is blended with all natural Brazilian carnauba to give the best results. Brazilian carnauba delivers a signature warm, wet and lustrous shine that car enthusiasts and professional detailers love.

Cherry Wet Wax maximises and prolongs the brilliant glistening shine of your vehicles paintwork thanks to it's detergent resistant polymers so it's not washed away when you wash your car.

How To Use Cherry Wet Wax

Shake well before use and ensure vehicle is clean. Spread a thin even coat using a microfibre applicator or foam wax applicator. Allow to dry to haze and buff with a clean microfibre towel. Cherry Wet Wax can be used on shiny and clear exterior parts like paint, glass, clear plastic and polished metals. 

Cherry Wet Wax can also be applied with a dual action machine polisher. Apply 4-6 dots of product to a soft finishing pad and spread it over the car one panel at a time. Once dried to a haze buff with a clean microfibre towel.