So the R32 has made it home and we want the engine serviced. So like I mentioned in the previous blog post, the cars recent service history was not up to my standard. The car felt a little sloppy and felt like it had a slight misfire. A trip to our local VW Parts shop resulted in us buying plugs, oil, oil filter, pollen filter as well as a K&N panel filter.

Removing R32 Plugs Adam, AKA Paddy, our mad mechanic got to work servicing the car. I opted for the easy job of fitting the K&N Air Filter. We quickly realised that this service was overdue. The plugs had seen better days and the oil was filthy.

Worn out spark plugs

The car felt so much better for the service and the air filter along with the newly fitted Scorpion Exhausts Non Resonated system made the car sound like it should.

K&N Air Filter

The next area for attention are the brakes, all disks and pads need replacing. Also the rear callipers require replacing due to them being seized.