Hi everyone!

I just thought I’d keep you all posted with the many new additions to the store over the last few months. At Shop ‘n’ Shine we have been very busy working hard to secure new stock.


Very Fine Grade Steel Wool Pads

Great for restoring and polishing metals like aluminum, brass and copper.

Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner

Leather Cleaner penetrates into the pores of your leather to lift and suspend dirt and oils. It leaves no residue and will not deteriorate the leathers condition.

Chemical Guys Vintage Series Leather Conditioner

Designed to nourish and restore your leather surfaces. Enriched with vitamin E to breathe life into your leather seats, dashboards and door panels.

Leather Conditioner is designed to restore the appearance of leather whilst maintaining a dry to the touch feel. This leather conditioner is formulated with UV protection to resist cracking, fading and discoloration caused by harmful solar rays.


One of our favourite iron removal product just got better! now available in a bulk 5L size.

Valet Pro Dragon’s Breath is a pH neutral iron fallout contamination remover that is safe to use on wheels and bodywork.

A quick spray of Dragon’s Breath will work very quickly to turn these iron filings to a water soluble state which can be rinsed away. Dragon’s Breath turns red when it reacts with iron contamination so you know when it’s working.

Thanks for looking,