Koch Chemie is still relatively new to the UK market and we have been blown away by the quality of their products. We have genuinely never been let down by any of their products that we have used so far. However in an effort to make the deal sweeter Koch Chemie realised a new 2016 price list based on feedback from their customers and we’re happy to announce it’s not an increase it’s a decrease!

The detailing market is a saturated place now with so many products to choose from it can be hard to make an impact, no matter how good the product is. People shop on value amongst many other things now.

We actually found many Koch Chemie products to be great value before the decrease so now it’s even better, we certainly think it’s a fantastic move for the customer by Koch Chemie.

Even the price of the fantastic Koch Chemie 1K Nano Sealant has been decrased from £108.95 to £97.95 making it even more attractive than before. You may remember our review and thoughts of 1K Nano from our previous blog post: http://www.shopnshine.co.uk/blog/koch-chemie-1k-nano-review/

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