Bilt Hamber Auto Foam is a powerful snow foam which lifts dirt and grime from the surface of your paintwork and allows for it to be rinsed away. Read More
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Bilt Hamber Auto Foam

Powerful Snow Foam

Auto Foam is Bilt Hamber's answer to Snow Foam. Auto Foam comes as a result of extensive in-house research and development by Bilt Hamber. Auto Foam is a new generation water based, high foaming pre-wash treatment designed to soak and saturate soiled paintwork before washing.

This gentle snow foam is designed to work with a Snow Foam Lance and produce a foam which will dwell for several minutes. Auto Foam is formulated to offer maximum wetting and rinses incredibly easily. This snow foam is not designed to be a superficial high foam product, it is designed to be functional and effective.

Bilt Hamber Auto Foam is made with biodegradable compounds and is extremely tough on dirt and grime whilst remaining harmless to the paintwork. It features a non-caustic formulation which ensures that even regular use will not attack paint binders. The hard working surfactants will attack and penetrate the toughest of grime and dirt, without the need for manual intervention.

Features of Bilt Hamber Auto Foam

  • Tough on dirt and grime
  • Gentle one the paintwork
  • Biodegradable formula