A colour changing fallout remover to remove iron particles and other fallout. Read More
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  • Brand: Autoglym
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Autoglym Magma 500ml

Fallout Remover

Autoglym Magma is a safe and effective way or removing bonded contamination from your vehicles wheels. bodywork and glass. The majority of this contamination will be iron particles which over time will dull your vehicles appearance. As soon as Magma is applied these particles begin to loosen enabling them to be rinsed safely away from the surface. 

How To Use

Complete your wash stage as usual then while the vehicle is still wet spray Magma over the wheels. bodywork and glass. Then allow 3-5 minutes for the magic to happen! Then rinse the vehicle down to make sure all contamination and remaining Magma are removed. Then onto the next stage of your Detail.

Apply out of direct sunlight and do not allow to dry.

Size: 500ml