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Auto Finesse Radiance Carnauba Creme

Auto Finesse Radiance Carnauba Creme is a liquid creme wax which delivers deep, wet look gloss to any paintwork and offers up to 3 months of durable protection.

Auto Finesse Radiance is easy to apply and even easier to buff off. Radiance contains T1 grade carnauba wax and offers excellent durability, gloss and beading properties.

Features of Auto Finesse Radiance

  • Easy on, easy off formula
  • Contains T1 grade carnauba wax
  • Durable, glossy protection which lasts up to 3 months
  • Non abrasive formula

How to use Radiance

Ensure vehicle is cleaned before application. Shake well and apply to a microfibre applicator. Work into the paintwork and allow it to haze for several minutes.

Once it has had time to dry to a haze buff to a high gloss with a clean microfibre towel.

TIP: Sometimes the use of a second microfibre during the buffing stage can be a good idea just incase the first microfibre towel becomes saturated and causes streaking.

Size: 500ml