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Auto Finesse Avalanche

PH Neutral Snow Foam

Auto Finesse Avalanche is a powerful yet wax safe snow foam infused with Citrus Power to make the ultimate in pre-wash cleaners.

Avalanche loosens and removes dirt and grime from the paintwork before washing the vehicle, this will greatly reduce the risk of inflicting swirl marks as contaminants will be removed in a touch less way.

Features of Avalanche Snow Foam

  • Infused with Citrus Power
  • Powerful snow foam
  • Wax, sealant and coating safe
  • Minimise the risk of inflicting swirl marks

How to use Auto Finesse Avalanche

Auto Finesse Avalanche is best used with a pressure washer and Snow Foam Lance. Pour 1-2 inches of Avalanche in to your snow foam lance and then fill with water.

Apply Avalanche to the vehicle and allow to dwell for several minutes. Rinse the vehicle well and then proceed to wash. Do not allow the solution to dry on the surface in direct sunlight.

Size: 1L & 5L


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