Angelwax Perfect Polish is a pre-wax cleanser designed to remove light swirl marks, enhance the gloss and create a base for the application of sealant or wax. Read More
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Angelwax Perfect Polish

Pre-Wax Paint Cleanser

Angelwax Perfect Polish has been designed to prepare your vehicles paintwork prior to the application of sealant or wax. Thanks to it's micro abrasives Perfect polish is capable of safely removing light swirl marks and oxidation from the paint surface and leave behind a glossy smooth surface. Perfect polish leaves nothing behind thus creating the perfect base to apply your favourite sealant or wax.

How To Use Angelwax Perfect Polish

Ensure vehicle is clean and cool, apply only in the shade. For best results clay the car. Shake Perfect Polish well and apply with a Microfibre Applicator. Work a panel at a time and remove the residue with a Microfibre Towel.

Size: 500ml